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What is an All-Inclusive Resort?

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Every all-inclusive resort is different, but in general, an all-inclusive resort is a hotel resort that includes the cost of room accommodation, food, drinks, activities, and entertainment in one booking price.

There are all-inclusive resorts all over the world, but they’re especially popular in gorgeous locations in Latin America and the Caribbean, such as Cabo San Lucas and Montego Bay.

All-inclusive resorts are a great option for travelers who want to make their vacation as smooth and easy as possible. I mean, what better way to indulge in all your favorite things than by not worrying about paying for it during your stay?

Of course, “all-inclusive” might not literally mean all-inclusive. For instance, while food and drink are usually covered, spa services usually are a separate cost. It just depends on the resort. So, when planning your vacation, you will have to check with each individual resort to see what’s really included in “all-inclusive.”

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