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Costa Rica

Visit this tropical wonderland for your next vacation!


About Costa Rica

Top Resorts

Our favorite all-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica.

Planet Hollywood

Costa Rica


· 1,522 reviews

Secrets Papagayo

Costa Rica


· 1,733 reviews

RIU Palace Costa Rica

Costa Rica


· 4,466 reviews

Westin Reserva Conchal.webp
Westin Reserva Conchal

Costa Rica


· 2,896 reviews

Dreams Las Mareas.webp
Dreams Las Mareas

Costa Rica


· 3,327 reviews

RIU Guanacaste.jpeg
RIU Guanacaste

Costa Rica


· 6,783 reviews

Top Resorts

Things To Do

Costa Rica is truly an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come to life. With its luscious forests and rugged terrain, this naturally beautiful country is sure to pull you into an awesome adventure. If you’re not much of an explorer - you’ll still have a great time relaxing at any one of the beautiful beaches here!

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Yoga Retreat
Things To Do

Places To See

Don't leave Costa Rica without checking out these hotspots!

La Fortuna Waterfall.jpeg
La Fortuna Waterfall

This gorgeous waterfall is worth the trek! Cool off from your hike by taking a dip in the cool water, and don't forget to take lots of pictures!

Ponderosa Adventure Park.webp
Ponderosa Park

Perfect for families and nature lovers alike, the Ponderosa Adventure Park offers six different tours to see and learn about the wildlife of Costa Rica.

San Jose.webp
San Jose

The capital of Costa Rica is home to several museums to learn about the country's right history and culture, plus numerous restaurants and bars to enjoy!

Cafe Tio Leo.jpeg
Cafe Tio Leo

At Cafe Tio Leo, you can get an extraordinary coffee and cultural experience. See how coffee beans are harvested and made into a cup of Joe!

Arenal Volcano.jpeg
Arenal Volcano

The Arenal Volcano is a glorious sight to see. Plus, there are several hot springs around for you to soak in and enjoy!

Tamarindo Beach.jpeg
Tamarindo Beach

If you're looking to enjoy the beach, this is the place to be! The gentle waters are perfect for surfing, and there are plenty of restaurants and bars to indulge in.

Places To See
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